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Studijní text The Souls Of The Black Folk Cha 8

Čtení z afro-amerických studií. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk (New York, Bantam Classics, 1989) DuBois was one of the most important voices of the African Americans in the early 20th ct. He was also a renowned historian of the Reconstruction Era, an opponent to the prevailing propagandistic interpretation of the period (so-called "Dunning School"). His book The Souls of Black Folk is a commentary on the state of the African American community and on the social, economic, and political standing of African Americans 20 years after the end of Reconstruction.

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Katedra -  Studijní předmětÚstav anglofonních literatur a kultur - Race And Ethnicity In American History And Literature

VyučujícíRobbins, David L. PhD