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Studijní text Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Readings in African-American literature, period of the Civil Rights Movement (1950's-1960's). "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" was an open letter written by M.L. King Jr. addressed to all southern clergymen like himself (potential leaders of the AFA community), and broadly to all of his supporters and critics from the AFA as well as white communities. In this letter he defends his chosen strategy of non-violent direct action, talks about the nature of the AFA community, the lack of competent leadership (AFA middle class is largely co-opted into the economic system, poor African-Americans despair of an improvement and have internalized the low or at least condescending opinion of them by the white majority, and the clergymen who preach to their AFA constituency the obedience to Christian principles and laws while these principles and laws are being trampled upon daily by the southern state goverments and majority of the whites.

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Katedra -  Studijní předmětÚstav anglofonních literatur a kultur - Race And Ethnicity In American History And Literature

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